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Knowledge is power! Here are some quick facts about disposable diapers:

It takes 3.4 billion gallons of fuel oil every year to make disposable diapers. Disposable diapers use 20 times more raw materials, two times more water and three times more energy to make than cloth diapers.

Each child creates a half ton of diaper garbage per year. This amounts to roughly 20 billion disposable diapers dumped in landfills each year, accounting for more than 3.5 million tons of waste. 

Affect: The inner absorbent layer of a disposable diaper is treated with chemicals, which can trigger allergic reactions. Disposable diapers often contain dyes and dioxin, a carcinogenic by-product of the bleaching process, which can poison surrounding ecosystems.

Save your money and their environment.
 Cloth diapers have a higher initial cost, but can pay for themselves after just a year or less. Cloth diapering can save up to $1200 a year over the life of a child, and the savings compound when siblings are born. Help give your kids an environment they can thrive in, while giving your wallet a break. It just makes sense.

At Eco Aligned we understand the value of learning, and every day we find new opportunities to learn something new. Knowledge truly is power, and part of our mission is to educate the world so they can learn to benefit themselves and their communities. Education will free the world.

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