Instruction Guide - Toilet Sprayer

Installing the Eco Aligned Toilet Sprayer is simple but can seem initially daunting. We have designed this walk-through guide to assist you with the installation process.

Step 1: Remove the hardware bags from the box and find the two smallest screws, circular mounting plate, and large screw with fine threads. (There are extras of each screw included in case you lose any; we will only be using three total). Figure 1 shows each part required for hanger assembly:

Figure 1.
Step 2. Assemble the Circular mounting plate onto the Tank mount hanger with the notch on the Circular mounting plate pointing downwards and the flange protruding outwards, as it is arranged in Figure 2. Use the two smallest screws to affix the plate & hanger together:

Figure 2.

Step 3.
As shown in Figure 3, align the Sprayer Holster with the Tank hanger assembly, taking care to align the notches for a flush fit. Then use the Large screw with fine threads to affix the Sprayer Holster to the Tank hanger:

Figure 3.
Step 4. Grab the T-Valve, sprayer hose, and included thread seal tape. To ensure leak-free operation, apply the pipe-thread sealing tape to both of the exposed threads on the T-Valve, be sure to wrap the sealing tape in a clockwise direction and keep the tape clear of the valve openings. 

Figure 4.

Step 5. Both ends of the sprayer hose have included O-rings; ensure each hose junction contains one O-ring. Thread the thimble-shaped end of the hose onto the sprayer handle, as shown in Figure 5. Then, thread the sprayer hose onto the smaller set of threads on the T-Valve, as shown in Figure 6 below:

Figure 5.
Step 6. Turn off the water supply (located behind & below the toilet) by turning the handle on the water supply clockwise until it is tight, then flush the toilet but hold the flush handle down until the toilet tank reservoir drains completely. Lift the tank reservoir lid to ensure no water is running into the reservoir. This will be a good time to hang the Sprayer Holster/Hanger assembly from Figure 3. Hang it on the edge of the toilet reservoir rim where it looks best and allows most efficient access. Make sure the lid sits back on top of the toilet flat, some adjustment may be necessary for a solid fit.

Figure 6 can give you an idea of how the water will flow through the valve. Blue arrows represent water-flow:

Figure 6.
Step 7. Double check to make sure the water supply is turned off and the toilet reservoir is drained completely, then unscrew the water supply line from the bottom of the toilet reservoir; some water may drain so have a towel handy. Next, look inside the female threads of the T-Valve to make sure there is a large rubber O-ring inside (An extra is included in the box if necessary). Apply thread tape to the threads on the bottom of the toilet reservoir (again in a clockwise direction) and screw the female thread ring of the T-Valve onto the male threads on the bottom of the toilet reservoir (where the water supply initially was). Now attach the water supply to the bottom of the T-Valve, again using thread seal tape. Use Figure 6 as a reference.

Step 8. Tighten all connections firmly by hand, be careful not to cross-thread any of the junctions. Triple check your connections and then carefully turn the water supply back on. When turning on the water supply, take care not to unscrew the water supply handle too much, as this may apply unnecessarily high pressure to the toilet and the sprayer. Check for any immediate leaks and address them by tightening junctions, checking for cross-threading, or applying more thread seal tape. Be sure to turn off the water supply again before making any adjustments. If no leaks are present, turn the T-Valve to the ON position and again check for leaks. Go ahead and give it a few test sprays to make sure everything is functioning properly. You can use the T-Valve to turn the sprayer handle on or off, and it doubles as a pressure control valve if left halfway between the ON/OFF position.

You have completed installation of your new Eco Aligned Toilet Sprayer! Check for slow leaks over the next few days and address them appropriately. Our sprayer is built to last and we pride ourselves on our ZERO-failure rate. Enjoy your new sprayer; have fun with it! Be creative! We are still finding new uses for our own in-house sprayer all the time. We would love to hear from you and our future customers would too! So drop us a 'like' on facebook or a review on Amazon if you enjoy your Eco Aligned Toilet Sprayer. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your sprayer or are having trouble installing it, contact us at and we promise to make it right! Your satisfaction is is our number one priority!