Instruction Guide - Shower Sprayer

Shower Sprayer Installation Instructions:
  1. Remove your existing shower head by unscrewing the shower head counter-clockwise from the shower arm. A wrench may be required to loosen the shower head. 
  2. Clean the shower arm threads and wipe away any corrosion that may be present, then wrap the shower arm threads clock-wise with the included thread seal tape. 
  3. Apply thread seal tape to the Shower Sprayer Diverter Valve threads, also in a clock-wise direction. Install a rubber washer into the shower head, then screw the shower head onto the diverter valve.
  4. Place a washer into each connection point, then attach the diverter valve/shower head assembly onto the shower arm; screw until tight while lining up the diverter valve, keeping the tapered side of the sprayer holster upright. If necessary, tighten the set-screw on the diverter valve coupling with the included Allen Wrench.
  5. Connect hose to diverter assembly and to hand-held shower sprayer. Tighten all connections firmly by hand. Insert hand-held sprayer into assembly holster by slipping the hose into the opening on the diverter and sliding down until the sprayer is resting in the bracket. 
  6. Turn the water on and check for leaks. Tighten any loose connections and apply thread seal tape if leaks are present. Adjust the shower head up, down, left or right to your liking. 
  7. Step 7: Enjoy your transformed shower experience! Turn the spray heads to find a spray pattern you enjoy! Turn the diverter valve to control water flow between shower head and the hand-held sprayer. 

    *It is normal for some air to be heard escaping from the shower head after use. A quick turn of the diverter valve will correct this*