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Save the planet, and your money.

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Eco Aligned Toilet Sprayer

The Eco Aligned Toilet Sprayer makes cloth diapering child's play

Cloth diapering made easy

The Eco Aligned Toilet Sprayer makes rinsing away solids a breeze. Fully proportional pressure control enables you to precisely control the water flow, from a gentle stream to mini-fire hose! At full blast our sprayer is powerful enough to clear away even the most stubborn spots.

Why our product is superior

Cheaper knockoff sprayers use inferior valve and hose designs that can easily break and potentially flood your home. The staff at Eco Aligned regularly conduct thorough testing to ensure top-notch quality and function. We test the competitors too, to make sure we offer you the best sprayer on the market. 

Save toilet paper too!

The Eco Aligned Toilet Sprayer isn't just for your kids. Our sprayer doubles as a handheld bidet to cut down on toilet paper expenses and excess paper waste. You can use it for routine toilet cleaning, filling water & mop buckets, or even bathing your pets as well! Even when not in use the Eco Aligned Toilet Sprayer adds a fresh new look to your bathroom.

Eco Aligned

Making it easy to be Eco-friendly

Save the planet, and your money

It just makes sense.